The People: Kristin Jernstrom

July 16, 2012 in The People

Even though she’s already graduated, OBI Creative Account Manager Kristin Jernstrom will be going back to class this Summer. You see, Jernstrom is volunteering to help mentor fourth graders and assist teachers at a local elementary school in the Omaha metro area.

Jernstrom came to OBI eight months ago from Kansas City, Missouri. She graduated from the University of Kansas with a rock-chalkin’ journalism degree with a focus in strategic communications. After college, she moved to Kansas City to work for financial company Centerpoint Advisory Services as the Director of Communications and Marketing. While at Centerpoint, she communicated and strategized with clients on a daily basis, which more than prepared her for her position as Account Manager at OBI.

Jernstrom’s introduction to the digital world of marketing came through Intouch Solutions, where she worked on an account for Abbott Labs, marketing the drug Humira to physicians and patients.

She decided to make the move to Omaha last year to be near family and found a second home at OBI.

As an Account Manager at OBI, Jernstrom is the main contact for various clients where she makes sure that projects are meeting client expectations on a promised timeline. But that’s just part of her work at OBI. “You’re always brainstorming and thinking of new ideas. It’s a team effort. Everyone contributes,” she says. “What I like about OBI is the virtual philosophy. We take pride in working with other agencies.”

Being a marketing agency in Omaha, OBI is grounded in the center of the U.S. Even so, OBI has a global reach, working with clients from around the world. As such, Jernstrom has the opportunity to work on several local accounts as well as the account of a high-tech accessory manufacturer that has 45 offices worldwide and distribution in 145 countries. To boot, she’s also working with an IT consulting firm with 18 offices in eight countries.

The varied industries that OBI’s clients come from speak to the versatility of OBI’s marketing capabilities. Whether it’s for an international computer accessories manufacturer or for an electrical contractor in the Midwest, Jernstrom and the rest of the team at OBI successfully manage numerous marketing strategies every day.

Reflecting on her first eight months at OBI, Jernstrom says, “The people at OBI are awesome to work with. I couldn’t ask to be part of a better team and our work reflects that. Throughout my positions I’ve held in the marketing industry, OBI definitely feels like home and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for OBI.”

Jernstrom (second from left) at the College World Series in Omaha

Between her philanthropy and her career, Jernstrom still finds time to get out and unwind. She was recently at TD Ameritrade Park for the 2012 College World Series and will return to the downtown Omaha stadium soon to see Brad Paisley in concert. Jernstrom embraces all types of music, from hip-hop to country, and is hoping to attend Lollapalooza this August with a few friends.

All the while, she’s spending her downtime helping fourth graders garner the knowledge and skills they’ll need to be successful later on in life. When working with children, it’s impossible to predict how exactly their futures will unfold, but the entrepreneurs, leaders and even presidents of the future are now under the watchful influence of caring individuals like Kristin Jernstrom, those who exemplify the positive attributes of leadership in all aspects of their lives.