Nike’s ‘Voices’ spotlights women in sports

June 25, 2012 in Be Brave

This June 23 marked the 40th Anniversary of Title IX – the landmark legislation that opened the door for female athletes in sports. To commemorate Title IX, Nike released a short spot entitled “Voices.”

The minimalist approach features four athletes from three generations telling their stories in close-up to the camera. The athletes: Joan Benoit Samuelson (distance runner, gold medalist 1984), Lisa Leslie (four-time gold medalist, WNBA player), Marlen Esparza (six-time national champion USA Boxing, 2012 USA Women’s Boxing team) and Diana Tuarasi (two-time gold medalist, former WNBA MVP).

As the film progresses, the voices of Samuelson, Leslie, Esparza and Tuarasi are are dubbed over with the words of girls who stand defiantly by their sport. The words of the legendary female athletes become those of girls who are the future of women in sports.

Maybe it’s partially because right now the 2012 Olympic Swim Trials are underway in Omaha, the city that OBI Creative calls home, but we found this immensely inspirational. It took a lot of bravery for these women and others to overcome gender stereotypes to pursue their passion in sports. Today OBI applies a similar passion in our “Be Brave” advertising philosophy.

“Voices” launched on the Nike Women Facebook and discussions of the film can be found on Twitter #MAKETHERULES.

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