IBM simplifies groceries with augmented reality

July 2, 2012 in Blog

Here at the OBI blog we’ve commented a bit on augmented reality and its integration into the shopping experience. So we thought we’d bring attention to reports by Venture Beat of IBM’s foray into the business of improving grocery shopping with AR.

IBM’s app is simple enough. As you enter a store you can download the app, then create a profile with preferences and even ingredients that you’re allergic to. Imagine how useful this would be to someone with a gluten allergy.

The AR app simplifies smartphone shopping, because QR codes will not have to be scanned as they have in the past. Smartphone cameras will be pointed at the shelves where merchandise will be compared to a database of images and in turn overlay digital information about the products. Ingredients, price, reviews, and daily discounts will be displayed.

The app was built by IBM researchers in Haifa, Israel.

Sima Nadler, IBM Research’s retail lead to Venture Beat, “In the age of social media, consumer expectations are soaring, and people want information and advice about the products they’re going to buy. By closing the gap between the online and in-store shopping experience, marketers can appeal to the individual needs of consumers and keep them coming back.”

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