IBM joins the social media showdown

July 13, 2012 in The Work

IBM is now taking a stronger stance within social media, joining the likes of Microsoft and Oracle. Microsoft recently bought Yammer and Oracle purchased both Vitrue and Inovlver. And don’t forget Salesforce’s purchase of Buddy Media.

Photo by Lamont_Cranston via Flickr

So what is IBM doing to ratchet up their social platform? Forbes reports that it’s adding its own social products to the mix with the new IBM Customer Experience and Intranet Experience Suites. The attempt is to manage the plethora of market data and align teams across IT, marketing and communications to use this data to better serve customers.

IBM says that the new social software will unite employees from these different units within a company by allowing better access to information from a variety of sources and both internal and external news feeds. The suite conglomerates IBM’s enterprise portal, Web content and enterprise social networking software into one place for employees.

As IBM’s social business states, “90% of respondents report measurable business benefits from Web 2.0 tools, including better access to knowledge, lower costs of doing business, and higher revenues (McKinsey Global Survey 2010).”

If this is true, businesses may get a lot of value out of IBM’s further forays into social media.

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