Creative QR codes can be effective, here’s the proof

June 12, 2012 in Blog

QR codes were all the rage in 2011, but the novelty has worn off for some advertisers and consumers in the U.S. QR codes are still immensely popular in Korea, and there are many effective ways that QR codes can be used for advertising and promotion if they’re used creatively. The problem with most QR campaigns is that they lead to a company’s traditional website or other uninspired revelation.

Even so, there are are several examples that show just how effective and original a QR code campaign can be.

1) Tesco in South Korea created virtual store shelves in subway stations to increase sales. An item’s QR code can be scanned, purchased and then quickly delivered to the consumer’s home. Customers can shop the store wherever they are.

2)  This failed Kickstarter project embeds QR codes into paintings of cityscapes. Once scanned the code reveals animations within the painting. This use of QR codes could easily be used in advertising in the future.

3) Keep in mind that your QR code is not limited to paper. If you think outside the box, so to speak, as this next person did, you’re more likely to capture people’s attention.

4) Guinness came up with a brilliant way to use QR codes to promote their beer. The glass below is imprinted with a QR code, but only works when filled with a dark Guinness. Scanning the code offers coupons, checks you in via Foursquare and even invites your friends to have a drink with you.

5) Korea’s Emart had a problem with a decline of shoppers around lunchtime. Their solution was to develop a 3D QR sculpture that relied on the sun’s positioning and subsequent shadow to complete the code. The promotion was called Sunny Sale. At noon the QR code is complete and can be scanned for special promotions applicable to an Emart app. Purchased items were then delivered to the shoppers’ home when they got back.

As you can see there are many fun and creative ways to use QR codes and these are just a small sampling. Tomorrow we’ll discuss using QR codes successfully and provide more examples.

What’s your favorite QR code campaign? Let OBI Creative know in the comments section below.