OBI contributes to successful Boys Town Blue Water Bash

July 25, 2012 in Be Brave, The Work

The inaugural Boys Town Blue Water Bash was held over the weekend at the Boys Town Summer Camp in Okoboji, Iowa. OBI Creative, led in part by its summer interns, helped as much as they could to make the event a success. And it was.

OBI's Lana Legrand and Karisa Almgren helping set up on Saturday morning

Over 100 people attended the Blue Water Bash and all of them were enthusiastic about helping the cause and being there to support Boys Town. Also in attendance were five boys and five girls from Boys Town. The kids were a great representation of themselves and of Boys Town. The were very mature in the way they came up and generated conversation with almost all of the guests. It is a great testament to the character of the youth and the true motivation of Boys Town. Numerous guests commented on the way that the kids carried themselves and approached guests to mingle.

“To be able to help with the planning and execution was great, but it was even better to see how it all turned out,” says OBI intern Karisa Almgren. “Being able to be there and see how much this camp meant to the kids is something that really left an impression.”

Highlights from the event included a live auction where at times the bidding got extremely competitive and the crowd was cheering on the bidders. Many who stayed for the dance party after the event considered it another highlight.

OBI's Mary Ann O'Brien talking to a Boys Town youth, Malik, about the camp

OBI’s contribution to the event was helping secure over $6,000 worth of silent auction items. In addition, OBI secured over $20,000 worth of sponsorships for the Blue Water Bash. OBI definitely can’t take all of the credit, but we were happy to donate our time to help plan the execution of the Blue Water Bash, as well.

“It was some work, but seeing how much people cared to help was encouraging,” Almgren says.

One of the surprises from the live auction came at the last minute. Marilyn Maye sang acapella for the group. Maye was the most-frequented singer on the Johny Carson show, appearing as a cabaret singer. The song was clearly directed toward the Boys Town youth in attendance and it’s not a moment that they or any of the guests are likely to forget.

OBI is proud to support Boys Town and the Boys Town Summer Camp and is happy that our efforts helped, in some way, contribute to the fundraising event’s success. Getting to know some of the incredible kids from Boys Town makes you realize how important this organization truly is and what a great job they do.

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