Be Brave: U.S. military athletes at the 2012 Paralympics

July 4, 2012 in Be Brave

In honor of Independence Day, and with the 2012 Paralympics nearly upon us, we at OBI Creative thought we’d highlight the U.S. military personnel that will be representing the United States in London this summer as members of U.S.A’s Paralympic team.

These brave men and women embody OBI’s Be Brave philosophy, and have overcome injuries and adversity to compete for their country.

One of the stand out stories from the team is of Navy Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) officer Brad Snyder who was blinded in the line of duty while in Afghanistan just this past September. Snyder was searching for improvised explosive devices (IED) to disarm when two allied Afghan fighters stepped on a mine. As he rushed to give aide he stepped on a second device and the shock wave from the blast knocked his goggles off exposing his eyes to the blinding blast.

Losing his sight hasn’t slowed Snyder down. He’s the world’s fastest visually-impaired 400-meter swimmer holding a time of 4:35:62. He swims a sub minute 100-meter, which is impressive even for swimmers that do have their sight.

We here at OBI will be rooting for Snyder and the rest of the military personnel participating in the 2012 Paralympics Aug. 29 – Sept. 9.

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